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Now Accepting Vendor Applications
for Cycle for Hope

Bike Temecula Valley Cycle for Hope Vendor Agreement - 2023 Event


Cycle For Hope 2023 will be held on Sunday, October 1st in Temecula, California. The Cycle For Hope Start/Finish Village will be located on Rider Way (Road Closure) in front of Community Mission of Hope Facility.  A map of The Event Village will be provided upon completion of the Application.




Application Instructions:


Selection is based on a combination of your merchandise and the way you represent your business.


Before you apply, make sure you have great photos of both your merchandise and of your booth and at least one of you either creating or selling your wares!


Tell us about yourself and about what makes your items unique and special!


Website and/or social media information must be provided in order to be considered.

Space is limited and great care is taken to put together a mix of unique vendors at the Event!

We are proud to be able to support and feature local Southern California Vendors!

Booths and Fees:

There is NO Fee Charged for Cycle For Hope 2023.

You will be provided a 10’x10’ space and amazing volunteers on site to assist you on the day of our exciting and unique event! When you submit your documents upon completion of your application, let us know if you need an expanded space.

Vendors are responsible for their own tables, chairs, displays, and canopies.

If you are using a canopy it must be white. Other types of displays may be welcomed upon approval from Bike Temecula Valley.

Vendors are required to keep their display and merchandise within their 10’x10’ space, (or approved expanded space) and to be respectful of neighboring vendors spaces. 

Vendor spaces may not be shared without the prior approval of the Bike Temecula Valley.

Load In, Set Up & Vendor Parking:

Vendor load in begins at 6:00 am.

In order for load in to go as smoothly as possible, please pay attention to the load in arrival time and the directions on where to load-in and where to park. Allow yourself ample time to set up. 

We ask that when you arrive and after checking in, you quickly unload everything you need for your booth, and then move and park your car before setting up your booth. 

Each vendor may park one vehicle in the designated vendor parking lot. All other vehicles (staff etc…) must find parking either on the street or in the nearby parking lots or on the may street parking spaces near the Start / Finish Village.

Please don’t block driveways during load-in, load-out, or throughout the event.  

Vendor vehicles must be completely unloaded and off of the street no later than 7:00 am.

Vendor booths must be set up no later than 7:00 am.

The event start time is 7:00 am, while the start of the first ride is 8:00.

Be punctual and allow yourself plenty of time for travel to the event site and set up! Do not show up late! You will not be allowed to set up.


All participants can begin breakdown once the event ends.

It is prohibited to begin your break down before the event finishes. You will not be accepted back to the Cycle For Hope if you break down before the event finishes. 

All participants booths must be cleared by 2:00 pm.


Participants are responsible for removing and disposing of their own large trash items, and must leave their space in the same clean condition it was in upon their arrival.

About That Wind:

Even on the most gorgeous Temecula days, it can get windy. 

If you have items that may blow or break, please put up wind barriers and/or make sure that your display is sturdy. 


You are required to weight your canopy! There are many simple options to achieve this… weighted bags etc. You may not drive any nails or anchors into the ground, nearby structures or trees.


Bike Temecula Valley is not responsible for any damage to your booth or to your merchandise but we care about our vendors and your products and want you to take all possible precautions and be prepared for wind should it decide to blow!



All vendors must comply with all Bike Temecula Valley rules and regulations as well as all city, state and federal laws and regulations or an invitation back to the event will not be extended.


No alcohol, drug use or smoking is allowed within the Cycle For Hope Event Village. Beer and Wine Gardens will be located inside the CMOH facility.


Any violations of these rules will result in removal from the Cycle For Hope event.




Per the City of Temecula, a 1 million dollar general liability insurance policy is required of all vendors.

You may get your coverage from any insurance carrier you wish to use offering appropriate policies.

Insurance can be purchased on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

The average annual cost is less than $300/year and protects your business at any markets/events you are a part of for the coverage period purchased.



All artisan merchandise must be original, handcrafted and created by the vendor and vintage items must have been approved in the application process.


Vendors may only display merchandise that has been pre - approved for sale, through the application process by Bike Temecula Valley.


Additionally, all merchandise must be appropriate for family/public viewing. 

No nudity, political statements or otherwise offensive or inappropriate material will be allowed. This will be determined at the sole discretion of Bike Temecula Valley management.

The Bike Temecula Valley volunteers will check each booth at the event to ensure that these rules are being followed. 

You will be asked to remove any merchandise that falls outside of these guidelines and will not be allowed to return as a vendor if these rules are not respected.

Food/Beverage Sales:

Knowledge of and compliance with all federal, state and local regulations regarding the production, labeling, display and sale of all food products at the Cycle For Hope event is the sole responsibility of the individual vendor.

Vendors without proper permits will be asked to leave the market and will forfeit their booth fees.

Please ensure compliance with the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health.


We will have trash cans dispersed throughout the Event Village, and you are welcome to dispose of your small items in those. However, for larger items, please pack them out with you. 

We ask that at the end of the event, you please make sure you clean up before you leave and that your space looks like it did when you arrived to set up.

For our food vendors, you are required to have your own trash can and pack up your own waste after the event.

Power Access

There is no electricity available for the booths at the Cycle For Hope event.

If using a generator it must be one of the quiet whisper ones to keep noise to a minimum.

Candles and other flammable sources of power are strictly prohibited.


Cycle For Hope is a RAIN or SHINE event!

In the event of severe weather conditions deeming it unsafe to move forward or other unforeseen events occurring, the decision to cancel the event will be made by Bike Temecula Valley in its sole discretion.

If Bike Temecula Valley should have to cancel the event, the any vendor charges which may have been incured will be returned.

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